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Our Mission

At Koinfox, our mission is to help crypto investors trade profitably by enabling them to execute better decisions using our intelligent trading platform

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What does the KoinFox Intelligent Trading Platform offer you?

Koinfox is the first of its kind crypto trading platform, powered by its own consensus algorithm (POR: Proof of Reputation) and executed from the native wallet. It enables investors to invest and reap the benefits of the crypto asset volatility with various technology-enabled intelligent tools allowing them to diversify their risks and reap rewards.

Bracket Trading

Intelligent trading tools

Get the power of much higher leverage, with increased protection, and ensure no profitable position turns into a loss. KoinFox is the world’s first crypto platform to offer Bracket Orders for individual investors with an option of Trailing Stop Loss across multiple exchanges.

bracket trading features

Place Bracket Orders with Buy Price, Sell Price, Stoploss in one shot.

bracket trading features

Get LIVE notification for status of your brackets and money earned in daily brackets.

bracket trading features

Cancel brackets and orders in case market does not follow the anticipated direction.

bracket trading features

View various trading indicators for better decision making.

bracket trading features

Check popular brackets created by reputed people and copy them to grab profits

bracket trading features

Identify the golden picks for brackets with unique spread% which is based on last 24H performance.

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Upcoming Tools

Upcoming Tools
  • Token pools

    Token Pools

    With our Token Pools, you don’t need to spend time & effort in managing individual token trades. Koinfox offers you easy ways to invest smartly via Token Pools on centralized and decentralized exchanges.
  • Mirror Trading

    Mirror Trading

    Mirror Trading Tool on KoinFox allows you to easily copy trades made by successful cryptocurrency traders and profit together. Now its easier to invest profitably for even beginners on our Intelligent Trading platform.
  • Algo Trading

    Algo Trading

    Algorithmic trading allows the execution of orders that are automated, and pre-programmed to adjust with price variables, time, and trade volumes. Our Algo Trading Tool allows you to apply complex algorithmic quantitative techniques to your trades easily with one click.
  • Arbitrage Trading

    Arbitrage Trading

    With our multi-exchange capability, take advantage of arbitrage opportunities across different exchanges, using our one-click Arbitrage Tool. Make profits daily on our Intelligent Trading Platform.

KoinFox Smart & Secure Crypto Wallet

Every KoinFox user account comes with FREE access to our Smart & Secure native Wallet. Built using the best in class security protocols, so that you can store your assets with peace of mind.

Koinfox Application
Koinfox App Features
Securely store all your digital assets from various different chains like ERC 20, NEP5, SHA256 etc along with your Exchange API keys, all at one place with complete control in your hands.
Koinfox App Features
Get benefit from airdrops of various different chains with our global partners, along with gaining from the koinfox network by holding KFT tokens in your wallet.
Koinfox App Features
Trade on global exchanges from Koinfox Native wallet without losing control of your API keys.
Koinfox App Features
Spend your cryptocurrencies at various different Koinfox partners across the globe.
  • Store

    Securely store all your digital assets from various different chains like ERC 20, NEP5 , SHA256 etc. at one place with complete control in your hands.

  • Earn

  • Trade

  • Spend

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Koinfox is the most Intelligent, Faster & Profitable way to TRADE in crypto. We help you trade profitably without any hard work using our intelligent trading platform with its own native wallet.
With KoinFox you can invest and trade across multiple exchanges in different cryptocurrencies using one universal trading platform, as well as, store and earn using our own native wallet.
Our powerful intelligent automated trading tools allow you to invest ‘smartly’. KoinFox has been designed to help you easily invest like a Pro Trader without having any experience.
We are a Crypto Trading & Investment platform that partners with different exchanges in order to get the best prices for our users.
We will be live in many global markets soon. Please follow our news on Telegram to know more about if your country is eligible.
We use the best in class security protocols to ensure the lowest risk for your assets
No, you don't need to store your Exchange keys on the Koinfox server database. They are stored on your native Koinfox Wallet in a completely secure and decentralized manner. No one has access to them except you.
Your funds, private keys, as well as, your API keys are all secured as they are not stored directly on the Wallet. Instead they are stored in a cryptographically secured manner. Technically, there is no stamp of your API Keys or private keys either in our database on central server or on the wallet. They are generated whenever needed. So rest assured with Koinfox.

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