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Koinfox is the most Intelligent, Faster & convenient way to TRADE in crypto. We help you trade conveniently without any hard work using our intelligent trading tools.

Track your LIVE Unrealized P&L

Get LIVE alert on your unrealized P&L. Know the profitability of your positions across exchanges at one place. Using our One Click Trading button claim your profits , without having to log into the platform

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Auto Schedule your Buy/Sell

Auto Buy/Sell repeat of your trades, especially for sideways markets. Use our Cyclic Loop feature to place a repeat trade and leave rest to our tool.

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Manage your Risk Smartly

Use our unique Trailing Stop Loss feature to manage your risk smartly. The platform will ensure you are safe during a crash.

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Koinfox Trading Mobile App

Now place Trades, manage Orders and take care of your Portfolio, easily at any time using our mobile app.

Place Advanced Orders

Quickly place orders with our intelligent trading tools

Manage Your Trade Positions

Easily keep track of your Trades & Monitor P&L

Secure Your Exchanges Access

Securely store your API keys on mobile in a decentralized manner.

Koinfox Telegram
Koinfox Telegram

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‘Intelligent Trading’: Crypto Platform Offering Intuitive Tools Teams Up With Binance

A platform that says it offers an intelligent and faster way of trading cryptocurrencies has announced a collaboration with Binance, the largest crypto exchange in the world.

APR 09, 2019

Can Koinfox change the way we trade on exchanges like Binance & Bitmex?

When we choose to review something new – sometimes it doesn’t have to be completely novel, just be unique, we spend time on explaining how it works as well.

MAR 13, 2019

"Koinfox is an easy-to-use and intuitive trading platform that any serious crypto trader should use to set orders on exchanges. It feels like having the power of a hedge fund at the tip of your finger."

Kory Hoang
Founder & CEO

"Crypto industry is at nascent stage, tools like Koinfox will help trading in crypto and other traditional assets to take a leap"

Kumar Gaurav

"The stop loss feature has helped minimize my losses countless times and the targets have helped me book profit in upwards swings"

Naimish Sanghvi
Founder & CEO

Here’s our 2 minute explanatory video for a quick understanding of how Koinfox works
Key Benefits

Start Trading Smartly with Koinfox


Our powerful intelligent automated trading tools allow you to invest ‘smartly’ and enable fast execution of trades in an automated fashion.

Trade like a Pro

Koinfox has been designed To help you easily trade like a Pro Trader without having much experience

Faster AF (as Fox)

Koinfox has been built for speed so that you don’t lose out on even a nano second delay in your trades.


Security for your peace of mind. We take careful measures to ensure that your assets are as safe as possible


Koinfox is a universal. Platform that gives you access to multiple Exchanges and multi-currencies. One integrated universal access to everything you need.


Make the most of every transaction, gain Even when the markets are volatile with our advanced intelligent trading tools, Now available even for individual investors

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